How To Market Your Business On A Shoestring

When you are low in funds and on a budget, trying to market your business is probably the last thing you might think of doing, and the first thing you cut funding for. Let me put a halt to that train of thought right now, and show you a wide variety of options that you can select from to market your business on a budget.

Elevate Your Elevator Pitch!
Wherever you are, whatever you’re doing, from the inception of your business to its retirement, you should be marketing. Within reason, of course. I’m sure that your Aunt Barbara is not too interested in hearing about your septic removal business, but you get the point.

Many studies have been done and have concluded that the average attention span of an adult is between 6 and 8 seconds. This is an incredibly brief amount of time, so whatever your pitch is, it needs to be interesting and cool enough where it will be able to snag someone within that small time frame. Don’t blow it; here are a few tips┬áto avoid losing your opportunity within seconds.

Leverage Your Existing Community!
You do not necessarily need to work your tailbone off when it comes to marketing. Just a handful of sophisticated touches of marketing skills here and there will usually do the trick. In addition to this, think locally; what is going on in my community that I can make use of? Is there anything communal or business related that seems to be going on that I could potentially profit off of?

You need to start small, and when you do start small, think like a businessman and work your way out from there. It will all come in time!

Collaborate With People!
Make friends, in both your small local business community, abroad, and especially in the realm of your own business. Put together a diverse (regarding thought process and business actions, not race) group of people who are energetic and are willing to cross-promote.

This is a great way for you to build up reputations and a close set of friends in the business world. It is also one of the best ways that you can go about finding trading partners. If you have not already considered this enticing alternative, then you should get cracking!

There is not any better way out there or in the books to successfully create buzz and hype as well as market your business than to network. A lot of business gurus love it. It is also an awesome way for you and your potential partners to go out of their way, and out of their comfort zone, to meet new people and shake their hands. This can prove to be very invaluable, as it ends up bringing you the buzz and more importantly partners!

However, not all is good and dandy. Networking is a little bit tricky, so you need to be careful; it does not instantly work nor gratify, so if you are interested in networking, you will need a semi-serious mental and time commitment.